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Premier Senior Marketing, Inc. | AEP Checklist - Have you started?
We want to make sure you're taken care of.
Here's a few ways to help you jump start your AEP Checklist:
•  Are you Licensed/appointed with the top carriers in your market?
If not, we can help you!
•  Are you certified?
Do you know which modules you need to take? We do.
•  Have you seen the latest Carrier Benefits for 2018?
Guess what? We have them on our Agent Portal.
•  Have you filed for your community events?
If not, let's get those submitted asap - together!

Interested? We have more to offer! Ask us about our Free AHIP Opportunity,
Monthly Lead Program, Free Quoting Tool & Luxurious Incentive Trips.
Jump start your AEP checklist now or call a Health Specialist at 800-365-8208
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