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The bottom-line is, you own a business. There is too much at stake not to be online. You want clients and prospects to discover you when they search for the products you offer. When they find you, you’ll want relevant content for them to enjoy.
Premier Marketing® has partnered with Vende Social to bring you Coverage Made Easy, an Exclusive Social Media Program! This program provides you with posts and blogs that are relevant to your business and keep you front and center.
To stress the importance of this program, Premier is paying for more than half of the cost.
You pay $80 per month* for:
Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 20+ times a month
Connecting with existing clients daily and using their “Likes and Shares” to extend the outreach of your posts
Generating an opportunity for NEW potential clients
Engaging and compliant content that makes you a subject matter expert on today’s most needed policies
Managing your Social Media accounts from an easy to use App (Android and iOS app included at no additional charge)
*(First month will include $99 one-time set-up fee)
Our goal is to help you stay engaged with customers while finding prospects. Premier's partnership with Vende Social provides you with the resources to utilize social media and streamline your business. Again, Premier will pay for more than half the cost for contracted agents!
Start today by going to: https://coveragemade.com/go/
Agents leveraging this platform have stated:
"Registration is quick and continued service is world class.” - Reed
“Our Facebook was recovered then optimized. Today, it’s actually an asset.” - Frank
“The automation process couldn’t be easier. It’s about leveraging technology.” - Lincoln
“The content is relevant. Clients even forward posts to family.” - Jerry
Thank you for your time.
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